Our mission:

Guard mobile devices and the
people who use them.

About Penumbra Brands

Our phones make our hyper-productive, inter-connected, heavily-documented, easily-shared, modern-day lives possible. But life and technology are fraught with risks, both seen and unseen, known and unknown. That’s why we at Penumbra Brands are here.  We care about people’s lives and the tools people depend on to live to the fullest. We guard what our customers hold dear – contacts, photos, activities and news, and provide personal peace of mind by innovatively and elegantly guarding against multiple categories of risk.

Established in 2009, Gadget Guard is the primary consumer-facing brand of Penumbra Brands and offers, among its products, a comprehensive line of Black Ice screen™ protectors for mobile devices in distinct Editions which provide best in class protection across the value and security spectrum. Gadget Guard products proudly boast a 4.7 Shopper Approved rating and a 4.8 Google rating.

With the industry’s most comprehensive patent portfolio, alara technologies is committed to protecting both YOU and your phone. alara-enabled cases are embedded with proprietary technology which automatically couples with the antenna phone’s internal antennas, redirecting radiation away from the user, thereby reducing exposure to cell phone radiation without degrading the phone’s signal. Results from tests in FCC-certified labs show that alara technology lowers user radiation exposure by up to 67% versus an unprotected phone.