In 2016, Penumbra Brands pioneered the concept of offering device screen insurance with its screen protectors. The “+” concept revolutionized the industry and Penumbra continues to offer the gold standard with its trademarked guardplus™ product backed by its wholly-owned insurance subsidiary, Vitreo Protection.
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alara technology is the most sophisticated yet elegant solution for reducing electromagnetic radiation exposure without adversely impacting a phone’s performance. alara’s patented method of coupling custom designed antennas embedded in the phone case with the phone’s internal antennas redirects the incoming and outgoing signals without degrading performance.

The dimensions of the alara antennas are engineered to resonate at cell phone radio frequencies (RF), so that the cell phone signal is drawn toward the alara antenna and away from the user’s head and body. alara does not shield or block RF, rather it redirects the signal. As a result, exposure to cell phone radiation is reduced without signal degradation.

Independent laboratory testing has verified that this approach is an elegant, viable, noninvasive, non-disruptive solution to provide peace of mind without adversely impacting device performance.

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